Working Together, Learning Together

At Heinemann, we believe that people only do great work if they enjoy it. Life is short, you should work somewhere awesome. That’s why we offer far more than just a secure job and reliable income. Our priority is making sure our staff are happy in the long term. We’ve built our business on a passion for excellence and by collaborating with one another to  provide first-class services to all our customers. 

More than just a job

There’s a sense of camaraderie here; a feeling of belonging.  And we view our long working relationships with employees as proof that they feel welcome and valued at Heinemann. And because we want to be the best, we want you to be your best. We ensure that you have the opportunity to inject your own individual personality and experiences into your day-to-day work, and that you feel you’re taken seriously in the process. Because only then can you be truly passionate about what you do and make decisions that help both you and the company move forward.

I first joined the Finance department of Heinemann Asia Pacific as an Accountant in May 2011. I am currently heading and managing a team of 7 staff across Singapore and Malaysia. As the Head of Accounting, I ensure that process mapping across all departments is optimized and that everything works in a faultless manner. In addition, I am also responsible for providing support on day-to-day operational matters and project testing. What I like about working at Heinemann Asia Pacific is the dynamic and diverse environment. I get to meet and interact with colleagues of different nationalities, cultures and background which makes my work very interesting.
Systematic working and a high level of accuracy is crucial in my role as the Finance department is connected to all departments. Close coordination with various departments and shop operations is important because the end results will always be to produce a transparent process and accurate financial numbers.
At HAP, accounting is more than crunching numbers on the calculator and working with excel files. Day-to-day work never feels routine as something new happens every day. There are new challenges to face every day and this requires a strong hands-on approach.
Working at HAP is fun and everyone has the chance to grow within the organization. The rapid development of HAP never ceases to amaze me and I am always looking forward to a ‘HAPpening’ day at work!

It is such an amazing experience being part of the Heinemann family. As one of the earlier employees to join Heinemann Asia Pacific (HAP) since 2011, I am extremely pleased to be one of the lucky few to have witnessed the evolution of HAP, and more importantly, be a part of its success! The HAP family has since entrusted me to setup a team to manage the South East Asia distribution business in full confidence. This has given me the opportunity to learn, grow and develop the team and also myself indefinitely. It gives me great pleasure to represent the HAP family at this capacity.
In the end, it is just really cool being a part of the HAP family. The positive energy and passion within the organization is just phenomenal!

Hi, I am Abhishek Goel and I manage SAP solutions for Heinemann. I started my career at Heinemann Asia Pacific in 2015 bringing in 9+ years of SAP Retail experience.
Being a part of IT, I understand the responsibility to work in hand to hand with users to enable business to overcome challenges. We handle the business requirements and projects on regular basis with a lot of analysis and research to ensure proper delivery of robust solutions in perfect time frame.
Tools and technology play a vital role for the business. It gives new power to run processes faster, efficient, accurate, and helps in bringing more value to service, customer satisfaction and turnover.
At Heinemann, we care for our customers with the hunger of serving them better. It is essential to ensure the right product, at the right place, at right time with right quantity, and to help achieve this, IT comes into action.

I have been with Heinemann Asia Pacific for almost 6 years now, and have had the great pleasure of looking after the Fashion & Accessories Category for the region. I am of Filipino descent, but grew up in Hong Kong and the US before working in New York, London and now Singapore, always within the Fashion Industry. I love fashion and am passionate about product. My job here at Heinemann encompasses a myriad of responsibilities - brand selection, relationship management, negotiations, merchandising, trend analysis...There is never a dull day here! My role at the company has evolved greatly during my time here, and I have seen the company go from being an up-start/start-up in the region to now managing a flagship location in my category - Sydney Airport. Sydney Tax & Duty Free was a first for Heinemann in many ways - it raised the bar in terms of presentation and offer, gave us the opportunity to start relationships with a number of new brands, and enabled us to build competence in new categories. Having had the good fortune to live and work in the US, Europe and Asia, the Travel Retail channel is a great fit - it enables one to work on and to understand various different markets and to work in a dynamic and ever-evolving industry. Heinemann in particular is a truly special place to work within this industry - a truly international company, with employees from all over the world, that still manages to touch their individual employees and maintain a family spirit throughout. It is utterly unique.

We see our staff as people, not numbers

Heinemann Asia Pacific provides an enriching job experience through a culture of passion, ownership and trust. The size and scope of our business means that the opportunities on offer are as diverse as the people that work here. This diversity allows our employees to respect, value and learn from one another and create innovative ideas. Because we are a lean team, we are able to bring each and every employee from different divisions together to work towards the same goal.

In addition to a fantastic work place and the opportunity to work with one of the world’s leading travel retail companies, we also offer:

  • A robust Employee Benefits/ Employee Assistance Program

  • Long service appreciation awards and reward

  • Employee oriented events throughout the year

In addition to the above, at our Regional Headquarters in Singapore, we offer:

  • Fruits, snacks and possibly the best coffee in Singapore
  • A beautiful pantry with breathtaking views of the city
  • A cozy break out area with a table tennis/pool table and board games
  • A separate nursing room with a comfortable couch, a mini fridge and a wash basin that provides our female employees a clean and private space

Heinemann Asia Pacific

If you enjoy the challenge of a start-up coupled with the backing of a global travel retail leader, Heinemann Asia Pacific may just be the place for you.

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