Markets, Brands and Marketing: our Distribution Services

With our comprehensive  one-stop Distribution Plus model, we provide a critical link between the consumer goods industry and the travel retail market. From vast portfolio of high quality consumer goods, we directly supply tailor-made ranges to clients and business partners  at airports, border and downtown shops, onboard airlines, cruise liners and ferries.

We provide more than just goods. Customers benefit from a range of services provided (ie. Assortment management, Marketing, Store Layout and Design, among many others). We offer a wide portfolio of renowned brands which we work closely with for strategic partnership, product launches and promotions.

Welcome to the Duty Free family

In today’s retail environment, we passionately believe that delivering an enriched shopping experience is vital and we continually explore ways of achieving this through a convergence of physical and virtual endeavours. Our retail operations span across multi-channels such as airports and ferry terminals.

In our bid to exceed every traveller´s duty free retail experience, we focus on :

Service - Providing best in class service

Range - Offering an extensive range of products across multiple categories

Value - Making sure customers get the best value

Innovation - Engaging customers through innovation

Ambience - Creating an inviting ambience

Our retail concepts are tailored for every location, taking into consideration the needs of the various customer segments while delivering a sense of place.

Our product portfolio

Our product range comprises more than 1,500 international brands directly sourced from a thousand suppliers around the world. In spite of the large number, every single article is highly important to our business. Moreover, every product that we add to the range must meet one criterion above all else: it must have sufficient appeal that our retail consumers and distribution clients will repeatedly return to us as partners. Ultimately, we believe only brands that our customers appreciate are likely to sell well.  

Our product categories:

  • Perfumes and cosmetics
  • Fashion and accessories
  • Wines, spirits and Champagne
  • Confectionery and delicacies
  • Toys and souvenirs
  • Tobacco goods

Flawless Logistics for Tomorrow’s Markets

Gebr. Heinemann’s logistics centres are among the most modern on the global travel retail market - the flow of goods around the world is controlled by our two modern Logistics Centres in the Allermöhe district of Hamburg and Erlensee near Frankfurt. Even more impressive than the scale of the technology (which includes for example 40 metre high racks) is the day-to-day work of the Logistics departments: the perfectly orchestrated, simultaneous interplay of thousands of processes with the aim of determining the ideal route for every order.

Greater capacity and the constant availability of stock; this philosophy is the backbone of logistics and it makes a significant contribution to the success of our business. With the opening of a new distribution centre in January 2017 in Singapore, Heinemann Asia Pacific is reacting to rising customer demand in the region. With a warehouse space of around 7,000 square metres Singapore is our largest warehouse outside Germany.

Thanks to a wealth of experience, expertise and investment, Gebr. Heinemann has emerged over time as one of the most modern logisticians on the global travel retail market.

Certificates: ISO 9001 Quality management system for products and processes in a company, ISO 28000 Security management system for the supply chain, ISO 14001 Environmental management system and OHSAS 18001 for occupational health and safety.